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Have you every played a game that made you feel something?

Was it sheer dread as an unseen horror approaches you from out of the darkness? Was it remorseful regret from your decisions leading to the death of a beloved character? Was it glorious triumph at snatching a well-earned victory from the grasp of defeat?

At Oxonian Games, we strive to create those kinds of experiences.

We want our players to enjoy playing our games and have fun, but we also want them to think, to feel, to question, to ponder, to wonder.

We believe video games can offer us experiences previously limited to our imagination. They can bring us together by allowing us to empathize and connect.

We believe video games can be more than what they are. That they are more than toys or means of escapism. That they are more than their stereotypes.

We believe video games are one of the most enhanced means of artisitc expression. With books, you imagine. With movies, you view. With video games, you experience.

An artists creates not because he wants to say something, but because he has something to say.

We at Oxonian Games have plenty to say.

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